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To complement the furniture and chair products, 4phase are pleased to present a range of office accessories that allow you to organise your office into an effective administration centre.
Desktop areas can now be regained, thereby increasing office productivity, with our space saving ideas and easy access storage units.

  • 1


    Increasing the height of monitors and hiding cables, Chunk is an ergonomic, yet stylish solution to help reduce strain and assists in providing a comfortable work environment.

  • 2

    CPU Holder

    An elegant and stable CPU holder for mounting desktop tower computers.

  • 4


    Whiteboards - Your meeting room reflects who you are.

  • 5

    Pin Boards

    Pin Boards encompass the latest European designed frame.

  • 7


    Glassboards are ideal for modern communication.

  • 8


    A Flipchart is the most powerful 'visual tool' you can use to convey your message!

  • 9

    Lockable Hinged Door Notice Case

    Stylish European design, long lasting, affordable. Clean magnetic whiteboard background.

  • 10

    Various Stands

    A timeless curved design ensures this stand can be positioned at the front of even the most fashionable location.

  • 11

    Changeable Signs

    Timeless and very functional change the information when you need to. Our Executive letters always look crisp and are so easy to read.

  • 6


    Stylish Mesh Bins. Colour options:Silver& Black

  • 4

    Knobs Coat Rack

    A smart and sleek coat rack design suitable for all professional office environments.

  • 6

    Monitor Arm

    An advanced and professional flat screen arm providing ergonomic benefits for ease of movements in the office environment.

  • 7

    Foot Rests

    This ergonomic footrest is the easy and economical way to ensure that office personnel sit comfortably all day every day.

  • 8

    Chair Mats

    The Chair Matt large smoothe is ideal for hard floor surfaces.

  • 10

    Photos of Notebooks Visidec

    The Visidec Focus VF-AT-NK maximises desk space – the ventilated tray supports notebooks of up to 18” and fits onto your existing VF-AT monitor mount.

  • 11

    Photos of Notebooks Visidec Multi Arm -8KG

    It is great for raising the screen, angling it for an optimal viewing position, and positioning in and out for the ideal focal length.

  • 12

    Photos of Notebooks 14″ Traveller -4KG

    It raises the notebook screen to the correct height for the user and is designed for use with an external keyboard and mouse.

  • 13

    Photos of Notebooks 17″ Traveller -4KG

    Made of high quality polycarbonate known for its outstanding durability, flexibility and impact resistance qualities.

  • 14

    Ipad – Tablets

    Versatile ipad mount for ipad1 or ipad2, great adjustable height, freestanding for desk , cooking or reading.

  • 15

    Cable Man

    A unique solution to a messy problem, Easy Wrap zips along a bundle of cables, creating a quick and easy bundling solution.

  • 16


    FUEL™ power and data outlets are designed to give users easy access to concealed power and data outlets from an unobtrusive worktop location.

  • 17

    Recycle Bins

  • 20

    Task Lights

    Slim line task light