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  • 1

    Compactus Storage units

    Compactus Storage Units for shelving, cabinets, flipper door cabinets, tambour door cabinets, receding door cabinets, lateral drawer cabinets, filing cabinets, shelving.

  • 2

    Moll Rotafile

    Molls Rotafile rotary system makes it possible to gain up to 70% more free space while designing your office and archive in a well laid out and appealing manner.

  • 3

    Shelving and Racking

    4Phase supply Racking, Pallet Racking, Longspan Racking, storage shelving, Narrow Isle Racking, archive storage... in fact, a full range of storage equipment.

  • 4

    Plan Cabinets

    4Phase can provide multiple options for your plan storage ranging from horizontal and vertical cabinets, mobile plan trolley systems or custom made melamine plan storage.

  • 5

    Filing Cabinets

    Filing Cabinets are perfect for storing office documents.

  • 6

    Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

    Elite Built Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets.

  • 7

    Hinged Door Cupboards

    With Hinged Door Cupboards you can store just about anything from ringbinders and folders to boxes and stationery.

  • 8

    Lateral Filing Cabinets

    Lateral Filing Cabinets come in 2, 3 and 4 drawer types.

  • 9


    These Lockers are secure, well-ventilated and perfect for storing personal belongings.

  • 10

    Mobile Caddy

    The Mobile Caddy is a fully mobile, secure and personal storage unit.

  • 11

    Steel Mobile Pedestal

    The Steel Mobile Pedestal has a sleek European design with the emphasis on space and aesthetics.

  • 12

    Tambour Door Cupboards

    Tambour Door Cupboards come with multiple options for filing and storage.